Krystal Johnson, ParticipantThrough employment Krystal has gained confidence and independence.

Delia Johnson, Participant Parent

A & R Tarpaulin, Inc.[FRW] has provided the skill and on time delivery at an economical rate that adds value to our products and allows us to get them into the marketplace.

Bud Weisbert, Vice-President

Charlie R., ParticipantI like coming to a nice work environment. My favorite is making badges. I am comfortable at work.

Charlie R., Participant

Every day you have the ability to make positive choices. Take a chance to make a difference
and change just one life.

Rita Higgins
Past President, FRW Board of Directors

Kelson C., ParticipantI like working at FRW. I feel accepted. I like being with my friends.

Kelson C., Participant

…it is amazing how far [FRW} has come in 50 years… I was on a call not to long ago where someone on our Products team was singing their praises… We are so proud of what they have done and proud of the support they give to people with significant disabilities as part of the AbilityOne program.

Tom Deagen, Sr. Quality Manager

Daniel C., ParticipantFRW means a lot to me. They helped me get a job. Danny gives me a lot of support. I like the comradery and the job opportunities available.

Daniel C., Participant

Gap OutletWe think that being an employment partner of FRW is great. They do an amazing job of matching clients up and placing them in an environment that they excel and grow into.

Marciela Pinon – Acting Manager/Community Leader

Jeannie M., ParticipantI love this program. It let’s me do things I wouldn’t be able to do.

Jeannie M., Participant

I liked working with your company because you guys did a great job finding me a job at Amazon and thank you for all your hard work and stuff. If I had to do it all over again, I would pick FRW to work with.

Raymond Soldano, DOR IP Referral

Lorena A., ParticipantI’ve never learned more than I have here before.

Lorena A., Participant

StutzmanYou are doing amazing work and we are proud to partner with you in making your badges shine.

I am learning more about (technology) and getting experience in the world of game design.

Mateo P., Participant

Bob B., ParticipantI like how being here with our friends working together, eventually basically will like to move up making more money. 

Bob B., Participant

Please let us and the community know what your experience with our company has been!

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