Draymond Crawford is a longtime supporter and Board Member of Fontana Resources at Work.  Draymond participated as an advisor to the development of what was then known as Fontana Rehabilitation Workshop, Inc. and began serving on the board in 1976.  Draymond came to the board with knowledge in the banking business and later in property management.  He was instrumental in acquiring a grant for more than $100,000.00 through the County of San Bernardino’s CDBG Funds for the purchase of the facility on Almeria Avenue.    He has served in all positions on the board and continues to advocate for services that enhance the lives of our participants.   Draymond has seen many changes during his service and is the “keeper” of the history of FRW.  He continues to bring his experience and knowledge to the board ensuring all members are aware of the rich history FRW has brought not only to the service of our participants, but to the City of Fontana.  Draymond is a much-respected member of the Fontana community and continues to reside here following his retirement along with his wife, Estella.