Jenna Guzman-Lowery

Jenna Guzman-Lowery, as a mental health clinician, contributes to the board’s conversations around social and emotional wellness and the impact of employment.  With a family connection to our field, Jenna has taken a special interest in the lives of those with different abilities.  She has volunteered in classrooms and events in the Fontana school district and for youth services programs in Redlands.   Jenna believes that all humans, all bodies, all people are deserving of an equitable pathway to achieve their personal goals through an interdependent, supportive, and growth-minded environment that actively works to remove barriers to access in our communities.  Employment is a pathway to success for many and I believe that FRW does a wonderful job at the work they do.  I believe deeply in supporting the needs of everyone in our communities, especially the most vulnerable, who may need more support.  Additionally, my position as a city council member in Redlands will also offer another perspective of the challenges and strengths that cities offer to the world of advocacy and empowerment initiatives.