Michelle Jordan


909-428-3833 x 200

Michelle Jordan has worked in the field of human service for twenty-four years. She began with FRW in 1998 as a Production Supervisor making sure all contract work was done on time, participants were trained, and the product was of the highest quality. Putting her family first, Michelle took 3 years away from work to focus on raising her newest child. After which she spent 6 years with Riverside County as a Caregiver, then continued her service with Lutheran Braille workers as a Purchasing Agent in Yucaipa. Michelle returned to FRW in 2021 as the Community Programs Assistant, doing Case Work for the Community Programs, Program Manager. Her excellent work and dedication to FRW’s Mission made her the ideal successor to her previous Manager and in 2022 she became the Community Programs, Program Manager. In this position she manages several of FRW’s services, including our Community Day Program, Work Services, and Customized Employment.